PUMP Repair Conditioner will reconstruct and repair your dry and damaged hair while bringing life back to each strand. Our repair conditioner mends broken hair fibers and dead ends by adding moisture directly into the hair follicle for immediate hair repair. Our new plant-based formulation uses advanced technology to allow the conditioner to deeply penetrate the driest areas and lock in moisture where your hair needs it most. Infused with anti-oxidant rich Argan oil, Almond oil, and Aloe. 

Repair Conditioner

  • Coconut, coconut boosts hydration by penetrating hair deeply, moisturizing from the inside to repair breakage. Grape seed, rich in anti-oxidants and able to lock in hair sheen, leaving it stronger and softer. Sweet Almond, seals and protects hair from future breakage. Shea Butter improves hair elasticity and hydrates with fatty acids. Argan, softens hair while treating split ends and preventing frizz. Aloe a healing ingredient and immediately improves hair texture while adding shine. Evening Primrose is rich in omega-6, and improves elasticity while mending dry hair with fatty acids. 

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